Pink & Brown Woobies

Making a surprise blanket is always fun, but also nerve-wracking! I scour all three of my local yarn sources, looking for just the right color, just the right weight, just the right texture. But then, I worry… will it go with the nursery decor? Will the parents hate the size? Will the baby hate the feel of it?

It all becomes much simpler when I can invite a mom or mom-to-be to come play around in my stash and tell me what she likes or doesn’t like. I let her touch the yarn, and if I’ve got a finished project that’s been washed, I let her touch that too – since the finishing on many yarns can mask how soft it will be once it’s washed.

So when my good friend Mere was a couple months out from her due date, and was over for a Girls Night, I dragged out my yarn stash and let her go nuts. With several other girls around to offer opinions, she was able to choose the yarn that felt right, and was a color pattern that she loved. WIN!

I was also able to ask her what size & number of blankets she wanted. She really loved the idea of a small lovey/woobie that could be easily toted by a toddler. And she thought the idea of having three identical ones was brilliant. More win!

I love making woobies. With the carseat size blankets, sometimes it can feel like it will never be done. Especially working those last five or so rounds that take FOREVER. The blanket gets cumbersome to tote around to work on, and it always seems like I”m buying just one more skein… only to realize that I need… just one more!

Woobies on the other hand, are fairly quick to work, easy to stuff in my purse or a small bag to work on on-the-go. And I seem to do a better job at estimating how many skeins I need of a given yarn to get it done. So I was thrilled to be able to do a set of three woobies for Mere and baby Ellie.

The yarn Mere picked was fantastic to work with. it’s Loops & Threads Charisma: Chocolate Cupcake (found at Michaels). It’s a thick, fluffy yarn that works quickly and creates a fun random pattern in the project. The finishing makes it slick to work with, but it washes out wonderfully and the yarn turns out very fuzzy and soft. After washing, it is prone to static, but that’s pretty much its only downside, easily solvable with fabric softener :-).

I used my standard granny square pattern, and because of the small size of the blankets and the weight of the yarn, I didn’t need any stabilizing rounds of singles or doubles to keep it square. I finished each one with two rows of single crochets.


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