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Harry Potter and the End of an Era

Having spent the last 11 years eagerly anticipating the next book or movie, I'm feeling an amazing sense of impending loss at the release of the last movie. It's the last. After that, it will be over. No more bookstore stalking or Amazon pre-ordering. No more midnight movie lines. No more creeping at my secret… Continue reading Harry Potter and the End of an Era

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The place I call home…

Quiet college town? More like boomtown stltoday.com BY TODD C. FRANKEL | tfrankel@post-dispatch.com > 314-340-8110 | Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011 6:00 am COLUMBIA, Mo. • One sign of this city's population boom wore a bright red dress and wireless headset. She was working an afternoon shift at Dunn Bros. coffee shop. This is Aimee… Continue reading The place I call home…

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Five Years Ago

February 21, 2006 Got a present from my boyfriend… Read more February 24, 2006 He asked me... Read more February 25, 2006 So… I guess you all want to hear the story.  If I’ve already told on the phone, or in person, I probably told it badly.  So here’s the official press release... Read more… Continue reading Five Years Ago

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Decembers Across the Years

Thought I’d put together some brief snapshots of what my life looked like each December the last eight years. I really wish I could find those missing years 1999-2001, but so far no success. Enjoy! December 2009 Saint Theresa's Prayer Hot Cran-Apple Cider December 2008 Wassel Recipe December 2007 A Momentous Occasion To The Nice… Continue reading Decembers Across the Years

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I write because…

A couple friends of mine have both recently written about the label "writer" and how awkward it feels to apply it to one's own self. I'm by no means as talented or prolific as Hoops or Mazvita. But I have been bitten by the writing bug. It began when I was a child. I wrote… Continue reading I write because…

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10 Songs, 10 Memories (Meme)

Rules: List 10 songs that you can't hear without thinking of a particular memory, and explain that memory. Tag the people in the memories so they can repost. Wow, this is tough. Considering orchestra, puppets, dance, and miscellaneous Christian events, I have a lot of songs with memories attached. 1. Song of Hope - Robbie… Continue reading 10 Songs, 10 Memories (Meme)

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15 Books (Meme)

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose. Most of mine are books I read as a child,… Continue reading 15 Books (Meme)