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Dresden Excerpt from White Night – Pain

"I referred to the same base image I always had. Elaine in our first soulgaze, an image of a woman of power, grace, and oceans of cool nerve superimposed over the blushing image of a schoolgirl, naked for the first time with her first lover. I had known what she would grow into, even then,… Continue reading Dresden Excerpt from White Night – Pain

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Books for Honduras

Every year I like to take some books for the Bilingual School, the Day Care, Casa Hogar Vida, and various people that I know there. I like reading books with the kids, and I think leaving books behind is a good investment. Many kids in the programs don't have any books at home, and they… Continue reading Books for Honduras

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Bread & Circuses – The Hunger Games

I've recently had several people ask me about The Hunger Games, since the Super Bowl trailer apparently caught the eye of the general population. The basic premise is pretty much summed up in this passage from the book: "The mayor steps up to the podium and begins to read. It’s the same story every year.… Continue reading Bread & Circuses – The Hunger Games

Neil Gaiman
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Quote: On Writing – Neil Gaiman

“The difference between young writers and old writers is that when you’re a young writer you may not have the craft, but you’re saying everything for the first time, so everything you’re saying is new.  As an older writer — especially if you’re an older writer like me, who never enjoys repeating himself — it… Continue reading Quote: On Writing – Neil Gaiman

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Eulogy to Social Reading IRL

I just had a thought. A sad thought. With ebooks and audiobooks becoming more mainstream, how will we know what books other people are into? How many times have I seen someone reading a book, or has someone seen me, and made a connection over it? Whether it's a connection over a mutually liked book,… Continue reading Eulogy to Social Reading IRL


Intro to Dresden

The Dresden Files #1: Storm Front Written By Jim Butcher Read By James Marsters ISBN 10 0-9657255-0-2 ISBN 13 978-0-9657255-0-7 My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk. I'm a wizard. I work out of an office in midtown Chicago. As far as I know, I'm the only openly… Continue reading Intro to Dresden

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The Dresden Files – What the hell is it?

Apparently while other Gawker sites have been unraveling, especially in terms of community, is still hanging in there, being its same old nerdy self. I was looking for a good solid review of Ghost Story (cuz I'm too lazy to write my own) and came across a decent one there on io9. But it… Continue reading The Dresden Files – What the hell is it?

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Quote: The Dresden Files

"Some words have a power that has nothing to do with supernatural forces. They resound in the heart and mind, they live long after the sounds of them have died away, they echo in the heart and the soul. They have power, and that power is very real." - Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files: Grave… Continue reading Quote: The Dresden Files


Dresden Disappointment – Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Funny how real life gets in the way of my planned internet rants :-). Now, to address the uproar over the change of narrator… I think the "knee-jerk" reaction many people are having is because they came to the Dresden Files via James Marsters. I know I did. I liked his… Continue reading Dresden Disappointment – Part 2


Dresden Disappointment – Part 1

My apologies if this series of posts is a little haphazard. It’s cobbled together from my posts on various forums. I tried to pull it all into a cohesive whole, but it’s still a bit piecey…. I pre-ordered the Ghost Story audiobook (CDs) a while ago, and apparently missed all the news on Twitter, Facebook,… Continue reading Dresden Disappointment – Part 1

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Harry Potter and the End of an Era

Having spent the last 11 years eagerly anticipating the next book or movie, I'm feeling an amazing sense of impending loss at the release of the last movie. It's the last. After that, it will be over. No more bookstore stalking or Amazon pre-ordering. No more midnight movie lines. No more creeping at my secret… Continue reading Harry Potter and the End of an Era

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Dresden Files Quote

"My original Star Wars poster had survived the attack, though my library of paperbacks had taken a real beating. Those darned zombies, they always dog-ear the pages and crack the spines the minute they’re done oozing foul goop and smashing up furniture." - Harry Dresden, Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher Related articles D is for… Continue reading Dresden Files Quote

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Free Books! – More Christian Books

For Columbia-based folks only. I’m clearing out my book shelves to make room for new books. Trying to sell the books seemed like a daunting task, so I’m going to try to give them away instead. As a last resort, I’ll take them to Goodwill. I’m hoping I can pass the books on to someone… Continue reading Free Books! – More Christian Books