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Quotes – Castle: Headhunters

Watching Castle episode "Headhunters" guest starring Adam Baldwin. Gonna pull out some quotable goodness for you... Castle: "What can I say to change your mind?" Slaughter: "That is a very fine coat..." Castle: "And it would look fabulous on you." Slaughter: "Man needs a friend, he gets a dog. Woman like that [Beckett], you storm… Continue reading Quotes – Castle: Headhunters

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BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998

14 years ago today, my jaw hit the floor, and I began to get the feeling that I really had no clue where this show was going. The kind of show I thought I was watching was nothing like what Joss had in mind. In a sense, it was the end of my innocence regarding… Continue reading BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998