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Quality Gardening Time

This weekend, I got some quality time with my garden before it started raining. After years of container gardening, and having to start from scratch every year, I finally built beds in my "yard" and put in some perennials. But I didn't follow through well last year, and a lot of my plants suffered from… Continue reading Quality Gardening Time

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Foaming Soap

A few years ago, I did a little series on economical/green housekeeping. In one of those posts, I mentioned foaming soap dispensers. The topic has come up a few times recently, and I thought I'd go a little more in-depth on the why, where and how of foaming soap... Why Use Foaming Soap: Less soap:… Continue reading Foaming Soap

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Green #3 – Paper Waste

There are two really great ways to rid yourself of unnecessary paper waste at home.  Method #1 - Switch to online bill pay for all your regular expenses and request the utility/bank/lending company to stop sending you paper bills.  Most banks will do this, and utilities are quickly catching on too.  After all, it saves… Continue reading Green #3 – Paper Waste

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Green #2 – More Great Products

Here are a few things that I failed to mention in the last Green post. The one item that has probably saved the most energy (and therefore money) for us has been the programmable digital thermostat.  Yes, we installed our own thermostat in our rental apartment.  Shhh, don’t tell the landlord!  If you are careful,… Continue reading Green #2 – More Great Products

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Why One-day Gas Boycots Will Never Work

Fed up station owner shuts off gas pumps POSTED: 11:41 a.m. EDT, May 25, 2007 MEQUON, Wisconsin (AP) -- Motorists pulled in to Harvey Pollack's gas station, honked and gave him a thumbs-up -- because he wasn't selling any fuel. The owner of Towne Market Mobil in this suburb north of Milwaukee shut down his… Continue reading Why One-day Gas Boycots Will Never Work

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Organic Milk Industry Reveals Hypocrisy

Sorry to post so much, and so many news articles, right in a row, but this one got me riled up.  I hate all the hype, hypocrisy, psuedo-science, mythology, urban legends & closed-mindedness that surround agriculture & food production.   Our ag system is broken - no doubt about that - but there are so many people… Continue reading Organic Milk Industry Reveals Hypocrisy