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Soccer Field Under an Indecisive Sky

Taken 10/12/11 at West Blvd. Elementary School with my LG Optimus before pick-up with @comosoccernight Because of the angle of the sun, I couldn't actually see my screen at all, so I had to take it on faith that I was getting it framed how I wanted it. We played under some sporadic lightning and… Continue reading Soccer Field Under an Indecisive Sky

My cleats: Adidas Diegos
Day in the Life, Photo, Soccer

Off we go to kick it about…

Back in December, I signed up to play indoor soccer at the MAC. On Monday afternoon, I got the email that the first game of the season would be Tuesday night. Monday night, while trying to avoid stepping on a very twitchy and indecisive cat, I managed to kick a planter in our front hallway… Continue reading Off we go to kick it about…

Day in the Life, Photo, Soccer

Homecoming Adventures 2010

I spent the first half of Homecoming Day in my traditional manner. I went to the parade. Found a great spot on top of the garage at 6th and Locust and got some photos from an unusual angle. I only stayed for part of the parade, as I had a lunch date and the parade… Continue reading Homecoming Adventures 2010

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Toasting Wheaton

Yesterday was Wil Wheaton's birthday. Given his status as a kind of honorary king of geeks, it's not surprising that the event of his birthday would trigger an internet response of some kind. Sure enough, #toastwheaton began to show up in my twitter feed. People were posting pictures of themselves with a beverage toasting @wilw.… Continue reading Toasting Wheaton

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Stephanie & Aaron’s Wedding Page

We started dating in May 2005, got engaged February 2006, and were married September 2006. The Ring   The ceremony was held at my grandparents' lake in Mid-MO. The reception was held at a nearby church. The theme was simple, casual & outdoorsy. No attendants. Pictures from the wedding... Photos By Hayes Photography   Mother… Continue reading Stephanie & Aaron’s Wedding Page

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zoom zoom

This story begins with the untimely demise of a valiant little car.... Over the past month, Little Red was acting progressively worse. Over-heating, guzzling antifreeze, having difficulty starting. So, I left her at Mike's Auto Repair right before the wedding. And received the bad news. A head gasket had failed, and antifreeze had been sucked… Continue reading zoom zoom