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Soccer Ally

I’m not a super ally or anything. I haven’t marched in a pride parade. I don’t even own a rainbow flag to wave. But as most of my friends know, I stand up for the little guy. Whoever that little guy is, and whoever that little guy loves. I have near and dear friends and… Continue reading Soccer Ally

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Eulogy to Social Reading IRL

I just had a thought. A sad thought. With ebooks and audiobooks becoming more mainstream, how will we know what books other people are into? How many times have I seen someone reading a book, or has someone seen me, and made a connection over it? Whether it's a connection over a mutually liked book,… Continue reading Eulogy to Social Reading IRL

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Stupid Tornado Advice

Heard idiot on CNN talking about how it's unbelievable that people still die in tornadoes, since we know days in advance that severe weather is coming and people should know and take precaution ahead of time. Uhh... WHAT? If we all hunkered down in basements every time severe weather was predicted, no one in Missouri… Continue reading Stupid Tornado Advice

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The Not-Easy Answer is Love

I read this Huffington Post interview of Derek Webb this weekend and loved so much of what he had to say. "I personally don't think that any Christian who doesn't have a friend -- not just a token friend, but someone they love and care about -- who is gay should speak out about the… Continue reading The Not-Easy Answer is Love

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I write because…

A couple friends of mine have both recently written about the label "writer" and how awkward it feels to apply it to one's own self. I'm by no means as talented or prolific as Hoops or Mazvita. But I have been bitten by the writing bug. It began when I was a child. I wrote… Continue reading I write because…

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Downtime in the Age of Uber-Connectedness

"Why do we give up our sacred space so easily? Because space is scary. During these temporary voids of distraction, our minds return to the uncertainty and fears that plague all of us. To escape this chasm of self-doubt and unanswered questions, you tune into all of the activity and data for reassurance.... Our insatiable… Continue reading Downtime in the Age of Uber-Connectedness

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Why One-day Gas Boycots Will Never Work

Fed up station owner shuts off gas pumps POSTED: 11:41 a.m. EDT, May 25, 2007 MEQUON, Wisconsin (AP) -- Motorists pulled in to Harvey Pollack's gas station, honked and gave him a thumbs-up -- because he wasn't selling any fuel. The owner of Towne Market Mobil in this suburb north of Milwaukee shut down his… Continue reading Why One-day Gas Boycots Will Never Work

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Hugo Chavez scares the heck out of me

As someone emotionally invested in the fate of Latin America, Hugo Chavez scares the heck out of me.   He's endeared himself to many in Latin America who are fed up with the status quo (as well they should be).  But his agenda is one of arrogant self-importance, not one with the best interests of the general… Continue reading Hugo Chavez scares the heck out of me

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Party After the Race

Sunday night, Aaron & I were kind of talking about everything that has happened in the last 3 years that we've known each other.  He was trying to remember some people that aren't in Columbia anymore, so we got out the photo albums.  It put me into a nostalgic mood.  Especially seeing so many people… Continue reading Party After the Race