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The Totally Equalized Soccer Show

My new favorite soccer podcast is The Total Soccer Show. I found it while bouncing around blogs talking about the Soccer vs. Football debate and off of that, the American vs. British terminology debate. Total Soccer did an interesting podcast on the subject of terminology, and I enjoyed the hosts and their chemistry. So I… Continue reading The Totally Equalized Soccer Show


Soccer vs Football

The Free Beer Movement recently posted a controversial article about using the word “soccer” to refer to the sport when played in the United States (and Canada). I was pleasantly surprised and hugely appreciative to see such an influential soccer blog take such a stance. Since coming back from my 10-year(ish) hiatus from soccer, I… Continue reading Soccer vs Football

Kei Kamara at Snowball Fight

One Example of Why Soccer is the Best Sport

UPDATES: Article from SportingKC with tons of links: Anatomy of an Epic Snowball Fight Another great article:  Mad Props : SpecialKCsnowmageddon And another article:  Sporting KC Knows How to Have Fun Photos of the event:  Sporting Kansas City Snowball Fight A short video:  Snow Ange4ls after a Goal Video of Kai Kamara, Sporting KC player… Continue reading One Example of Why Soccer is the Best Sport

My cleats: Adidas Diegos
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Off we go to kick it about…

Back in December, I signed up to play indoor soccer at the MAC. On Monday afternoon, I got the email that the first game of the season would be Tuesday night. Monday night, while trying to avoid stepping on a very twitchy and indecisive cat, I managed to kick a planter in our front hallway… Continue reading Off we go to kick it about…