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Follow Friday – Automotive & Motor Sport

Rather than the traditional Twitter  version of Follow Friday, I'm sharing links to some blogs.  This time around I'll share some car blogs. Because cars are cool. Autoblog F1 news - fast cars, cool cars, new used car reviews, *Jeremy... Telegraph James May Top Gear Blogs - Drives Diary US Blog You can… Continue reading Follow Friday – Automotive & Motor Sport

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Car Appreciation

A few weeks ago, I pulled into the Aldi parking lot and parked nose-to-nose with a car that looked just like my old one, Little Red. A red Ford Escort station wagon. Upon further inspection, I realized it was very much like mine, red interior, which is rare, and a silver fish on the back.… Continue reading Car Appreciation

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Get Well Soon, Hamster!

Alas, hosting an internationally acclaimed reality-based television show is inherently dangerous. First, we lost our beloved Croc Hunter, lover & champion of exotic animals. And now we wait to hear if Richard Hammond, lover & champion of exotic cars, will pull through. If you've never heard of Top Gear, don't feel bad.  It's a bit… Continue reading Get Well Soon, Hamster!

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zoom zoom

This story begins with the untimely demise of a valiant little car.... Over the past month, Little Red was acting progressively worse. Over-heating, guzzling antifreeze, having difficulty starting. So, I left her at Mike's Auto Repair right before the wedding. And received the bad news. A head gasket had failed, and antifreeze had been sucked… Continue reading zoom zoom