FlyLady: The De-Clutter Commitment

Dear Friends, Here we are at the end of February and we have been practicing our habit of De-Cluttering 15 Minutes every day. If you are new or maybe didn't jump in on this habit, that's ok because you are NEVER behind! The main reason we practice these habit each month is to help build… Continue reading FlyLady: The De-Clutter Commitment


Closet Organization: Pants & Skirts By Leslie (aka Missus SmartyPants) Get ready for your next decluttering mission in your bedroom closet! Let's tackle our pants and skirts today—15 minutes at a time. No hoarding either—remember FlyLady says, "You can't organize clutter!" But first things first…I'm afraid you may not be giving your closet the respect it's due. Is your… Continue reading Closet Organization: Pants & Skirts


Closet Organization: Shirts & Blouses By Leslie (aka Missus SmartyPants) Are you ready for another day of our decluttering mission? Back into the bedroom closet we go! Today we tackle our shirts and blouses hanging in our closets. If you are like most women, your closet is way too full and you probably only wear 20% of what hangs… Continue reading Closet Organization: Shirts & Blouses


Closet Organization: Shoes By Leslie (aka Missus SmartyPants) The first step to a more organized wardrobe is with an organized closet. When your closet has some organization, you will find it easier to put together outfits—instead of everything a "crammed in mess". If you are finding your closet looks better closed because of the chaos that lurks… Continue reading Closet Organization: Shoes

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FlyLady: Date Night – Don’t Take Love for Granted

Dear Friends, Friday as always is Date Night. Some of you are skipping this part of our Basic Weekly Plan because you don't know how to date anymore. I know it may have been a while since you even thought about doing something special for your husband. If we don't take the time now, when… Continue reading FlyLady: Date Night – Don’t Take Love for Granted

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Seven Things We Give Up for Clutter

A great message from FlyLady about the things we give up when we let clutter and chaos rule our lives. Dear Friends, Clutter has a way of taking over our lives. Clutter becomes that unwanted house guest that you can't get rid of. It robs us of peace while we are home and it also… Continue reading Seven Things We Give Up for Clutter

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Find Someone to Bless

From FlyLady: One of the hardest things about de-cluttering our homes is that we know we have things to get rid of, we even will have things ready to give away but we don't actually take the things that we have and get them out of our house. A lot of people are using FreeCycle… Continue reading Find Someone to Bless


The Accumulation of Objects

Professional organizers frequently urge clients to photograph objects they have trouble letting go of, as an assist to “dispossession,” said Catherine Roster, research director for the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. (“Chronic disorganization” being the phrase used to describe the continuum from those mildly addled by clutter to full-blown hoarders.) Ms. Roster is collaborating… Continue reading The Accumulation of Objects


Calculating the high cost of clutter by Patti Chirico “Don''t touch that pile…I know where everything is…in that pile!” Sound familiar? As a “former cluttered mess,” I used to say the same thing. Occasionally, it is true. Given enough time to look through a particular pile, we are able to find a certain paper or item. But if an emergency… Continue reading Calculating the high cost of clutter