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BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998

14 years ago today, my jaw hit the floor, and I began to get the feeling that I really had no clue where this show was going. The kind of show I thought I was watching was nothing like what Joss had in mind. In a sense, it was the end of my innocence regarding… Continue reading BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998

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Joss Whedon’s Letter to Santa

From the imagination of PopCultureMonster Joss Whedon Dear Santa, Thank you for my present last year. A huge franchise movie, along with two smaller projects were exactly what I wanted. This year I’d like for the FOX empire to crumble and for their executives in charge of programming to know the sting of a thousand… Continue reading Joss Whedon’s Letter to Santa

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Last Ado… for now

OK, after 24 hours of insanity, I promise this is my last post about Much Ado: The Movie. At least for a little while. This is EW.com's big fat official interview with Joss, Sean & Amy. Some good details and a few pictures. This one made me squee. And I'm not usually a squee-er. "Obviously… Continue reading Last Ado… for now

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Much Ado… Officially Official

And with a Press Release, we finally have some real-life answers from real-life Joss Whedon... Santa Monica, CA (October 24th, 2011) Bellwether Pictures proudly announces the completion of principal photography on MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, a modern version of Shakespeare’s classic comedy adapted and directed by Joss Whedon (Marvel’s upcoming THE AVENGERS, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along… Continue reading Much Ado… Officially Official

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Much Ado About… A Joss Thing

Courtesy of Pink is the New Blog, there is now some casting information on Much Ado: The Movie. Beatrice: Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse) Benedict: Alexis Denisof (Buffy, Angel) Claudio: Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) Hero: Jillian Morgese (The Avengers) Dogberry: Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Buffy, Dr. Horrible) Leonato: Clark Gregg (The Avengers) Don Pedro: Reed Diamond (Dollhouse) Ursula:… Continue reading Much Ado About… A Joss Thing

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Much Ado About… what now?

About an hour ago, the tweets began... Which leads us to this website, featuring not much of anything except this image: If this is what it says it is... I'm all for it. The idea of Joss doing Shakespeare is five flavors of awesome. And the cast list is kind of epic. This tweet lends… Continue reading Much Ado About… what now?

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Firefly Quotes… Just Because

A handful of quotes from the short-lived, but never forgotten, genius brain-baby of His Royal Awesomeness Joss Whedon. Featuring Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Summer Glau, and Ron Glass. Mal Reynolds: "We're not gonna die. We can't die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so...very...pretty.… Continue reading Firefly Quotes… Just Because


One girl in all the world…

"Ladies and gentlemen, there is no cause for alarm. Actually, there is cause for alarm. It just won’t do any good...." - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Harvest" Apparently while I was otherwise occupied with work, a feast, and a new baby "niece," the Whedonverse was exploding from a bombshell. So here's the news as… Continue reading One girl in all the world…

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Follow Friday – Entertainment

Rather than the traditional Twitter  version of Follow Friday, I'm sharing links to some blogs.  This time around I'll share some blogs from the world of TV, Movies & Music. Anglophenia Bear's Blog Blogging America's Best Dance Crew Cultural Learnings Give Me My Remote Hobbit Movie News and Rumors | TheOneRing.net™ | The... Jesusfreakhideout.com Music… Continue reading Follow Friday – Entertainment