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Follow Friday – Soccer/Football

Rather than the traditional Twitter  version of Follow Friday, I'm sharing links to some blogs.  This time around I'll share some soccer blogs. Because it's the best sport EVAR. Obviously, these are slanted towards the teams I support (USA Men's National, USA Women's National, Seleccion Honduras, Sporting KC, Blackpool FC). Blackpool FC News - It's… Continue reading Follow Friday – Soccer/Football


Those guys who play soccer for Kansas City

Oh no, she's writing about soccer again. Doesn't she know no one cares? 😛 So there. There are people who care. And one of them might stumble on this post and find it incredibly useful. Anyway. As you may or may not be aware, the Major League Soccer team in Kansas City, MO/KS recently changed… Continue reading Those guys who play soccer for Kansas City

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Homecoming Adventures 2010

I spent the first half of Homecoming Day in my traditional manner. I went to the parade. Found a great spot on top of the garage at 6th and Locust and got some photos from an unusual angle. I only stayed for part of the parade, as I had a lunch date and the parade… Continue reading Homecoming Adventures 2010

Day in the Life

Manchester United vs. Kansas City Wizards

Since I have been asked how the game was... OMG the game was so much fun! Aaron went with me, which was interesting because he's so anti-sports. But he does at least dislike soccer less than Am Football and baseball :-P. And he brought his camera, so he had a good time taking pics. The… Continue reading Manchester United vs. Kansas City Wizards