Faking It: TV Accents

"As anyone who's ever tried to fake an accent knows, it's hard to be convincing. But actors are masters at this, and many of them have built solid careers using fake accents. Some are so good that they may even surprise you." Read more at: BuddyTV Slideshow | Faking It: TV Actors Who Don’t Use… Continue reading Faking It: TV Accents


“Hymn” by Cædmon

“Hymn” by Cædmon 7th Century AD Now let me praise             the keeper of Heaven's kingdom, the might of the Creator,         and his thought, the work of the Father of glory,     how each of wonders the Eternal Lord             established in the beginning. He first created        … Continue reading “Hymn” by Cædmon


Hopeless – a linguistic stream of consciousness

So during my wanderings on IMDB, I came across the movie Desperado (which Aaron happens to own, and I’ve seen once and enjoyed). I had no idea was part of a trilogy including El Mariachi and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. ApparentlyDesperado is the middle of the trilogy, which makes me want to see… Continue reading Hopeless – a linguistic stream of consciousness

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Heb Dhuw, Heb Ddym. Dhuw a Digon!

For several years I’ve been off and on doing some genealogical research on my family. Others in my family have been doing the same thing, and we’ve managed to come up with some interesting information. One that really intrigued me is that of the Davis line itself. I had little confidence in being able to… Continue reading Heb Dhuw, Heb Ddym. Dhuw a Digon!

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Gwyneth’s Spanish Boo Boo

It's funny (but not funny)... I read this article and immediately understood what the problem was. Gwyneth Paltrow: I didn't disparage America December 5, 2006 LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow insisted Monday that contrary to a recent article in a European newspaper, she feels "proud to be American" and would never… Continue reading Gwyneth’s Spanish Boo Boo

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Famous Misquoted Phrases

Famous Phrases They Never Said October 03, 2006   Neil Armstrong's famous quote “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” has become one of the best- known in history.   For nearly four decades, it was claimed the first man on the moon fluffed his lines — because man and mankind mean… Continue reading Famous Misquoted Phrases