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Five Years Ago

February 21, 2006 Got a present from my boyfriend… Read more February 24, 2006 He asked me... Read more February 25, 2006 So… I guess you all want to hear the story.  If I’ve already told on the phone, or in person, I probably told it badly.  So here’s the official press release... Read more… Continue reading Five Years Ago

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Novembers Across the Years

Thought I'd put together some brief snapshots of what my life looked like each November the last eight years. I really wish I could find those missing years 1999-2001, but so far no success. Enjoy! 2009 Actors/Musicians 25 Things (Again) 2008 Wholeness & Spiritual Junk Food 2007 Passion & Procrastination 2006 A Clown’s Prayer Time… Continue reading Novembers Across the Years

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Revolution on the rock

Revolution on the rock John Drage preaches gospel with an edge at the alternative campus services By CHRIS BIRK, Missourian staff September 3, 2000 It is 10:55 a.m. They patiently stand, in sundresses and suits, khaki shorts and tank tops, in the corridor outside Mark Twain Ballroom. The poundings of a drum and the heavy… Continue reading Revolution on the rock

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I Still Promise…

I Stephanie, Before the Lord and these witnesses, Take you, Aaron, To be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to be your loving, faithful wife. I promise to respect you, And to be subject to your leadership. I promise to do my best to serve you, In making you effective for the Kingdom of God.… Continue reading I Still Promise…

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Party After the Race

Sunday night, Aaron & I were kind of talking about everything that has happened in the last 3 years that we've known each other.  He was trying to remember some people that aren't in Columbia anymore, so we got out the photo albums.  It put me into a nostalgic mood.  Especially seeing so many people… Continue reading Party After the Race

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snapshots of community

The weekend was exhausting.  But I guess if there was one word to use to summarize the whole experience, it would be "community."  Maybe that sounds cliche.  I think we do tend to over-use that word at the Rock... but only because it's so absolutely essential.  When I look back on the weekend, I see… Continue reading snapshots of community