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Quotes – Castle: Headhunters

Watching Castle episode "Headhunters" guest starring Adam Baldwin. Gonna pull out some quotable goodness for you... Castle: "What can I say to change your mind?" Slaughter: "That is a very fine coat..." Castle: "And it would look fabulous on you." Slaughter: "Man needs a friend, he gets a dog. Woman like that [Beckett], you storm… Continue reading Quotes – Castle: Headhunters

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BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998

14 years ago today, my jaw hit the floor, and I began to get the feeling that I really had no clue where this show was going. The kind of show I thought I was watching was nothing like what Joss had in mind. In a sense, it was the end of my innocence regarding… Continue reading BTVS: Innocence – January 20, 1998

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Torchwood Quotes

Jack: Torchwood... outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on Earth, arming the human race against the future. The twenty-first century is when everything changes. And you gotta be ready. Owen: Look I've shared cars with women before, I know what'll happen, there's an emergency, all raring to go, I jump in,… Continue reading Torchwood Quotes

Buffy Thanksgiving Episode
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Thanksgiving: A Sham with Yams… A Yam Sham

At the groundbreaking ceremony for a new cultural center, Xander accidentally releases Hus, a Native American vengeance spirit, looking to payback the "white settlers" who took his people's land. Meanwhile, Buffy just wants to have Thanksgiving with the people she loves, but she must figure out who Hus is going after next. She also must… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A Sham with Yams… A Yam Sham


Fall Promo Fever – Doctor Who

For a long time, I gave up on TV. I thought all the good shows were over, and nothing really interested me. The last few years, I've come to embrace a handful of shows, and this fall, many of them are coming back with a vengeance. Over the next few days, I'll post some promos… Continue reading Fall Promo Fever – Doctor Who

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Bones Quote – Iguana Hat

Vincent Nigel-Murray: I’m very, very sorry. Brennan: Why? You’ve done more than satisfactory work. Vincent Nigel-Murray: Oh, no no no no - as part of my recovery from…drinking a lot…and having fun, I have to make amends. Brennan: Alright, what for? Vincent Nigel-Murray: One night I borrowed your iguana…and wore it as a hat…at a… Continue reading Bones Quote – Iguana Hat


He got the swagger & stance right…

My occasionally awesome brother, Weasel, sent this to me. Life is good when your family is as geeky as you are. This has got to be a rarity. How often does Torchwood get a shout-out on other TV shows? Doctor Who, yes, Torchwood? Not so much. Of course it should, Torchwood rocks! My only question… Continue reading He got the swagger & stance right…

nineth doctor
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Doctor Who Quotes – 9th Doctor

Some great moments from the 2005 series, featuring the Ninth Doctor, played by Chris Eccleston, Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, Mickey Smith, played by Noel Clarke, and Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman. The Doctor: [About the Tardis] The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through those doors, and believe me, they've… Continue reading Doctor Who Quotes – 9th Doctor

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Jumping Ship, Switching Teams

Though I don't agree with this blogger's opinion on the Hermione/Harry/Ron triangle, I do agree with most of what she has to say about Bella/Edward/Jacob. In fact, I started a blog post about this a long time ago. I guess now's as good a time as any to finally get it out in the open.… Continue reading Jumping Ship, Switching Teams