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Five Years Ago

February 21, 2006 Got a present from my boyfriend… Read more February 24, 2006 He asked me... Read more February 25, 2006 So… I guess you all want to hear the story.  If I’ve already told on the phone, or in person, I probably told it badly.  So here’s the official press release... Read more… Continue reading Five Years Ago

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Stephanie & Aaron’s Wedding Page

We started dating in May 2005, got engaged February 2006, and were married September 2006. The Ring   The ceremony was held at my grandparents' lake in Mid-MO. The reception was held at a nearby church. The theme was simple, casual & outdoorsy. No attendants. Pictures from the wedding... Photos By Hayes Photography   Mother… Continue reading Stephanie & Aaron’s Wedding Page

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Broke a nail

I've been ever so carefully growing out my nails all summer, in anticipation of that ever-so-important wedding ring picture.  Trimming when necessary.  Filing.  Buffing.  Clear-coating.  Moisturizing & exfoliating the cuticles.  For about a month now I've achieved uniform length, good shape & no hangnails. And then today... I rammed my finger into my desk.  And… Continue reading Broke a nail