National anthem of wales super-imposed over welsh flag
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Land of My Fathers – Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau

The national hymn of Wales. Words by Evan James and the tune by his son, James James, both residents of Pontypridd, Glamorgan, in January 1856 I've been learning to sing this. It's way easier, melody-wise, than the Star Spangled Banner. But the Welsh pronunciation is a challenge. When I find someone to accompany me, I'll… Continue reading Land of My Fathers – Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau


Ffagodau Cymreig (Welsh Meatballs) – Recipe

These are traditionally made with liver, but I went the safe route and used ground beef. Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef 3 oz diced pork fat Salt and pepper 1/2 teaspoon dry sage 2 medium onions, minced 4 oz. fresh breadcrumbs (I used 2 slices of oat bran bread toasted & crumbled) 1/2 pint lamb… Continue reading Ffagodau Cymreig (Welsh Meatballs) – Recipe

clay pot bread

Welsh Clay-Pot Bread

This herbed bread is associated with Dewi Sant (St. David) because of the strict asceticism he practiced. The monastic rule of Dewi Sant taught humility, simplicity and asceticism and he practiced these himself: that monks ploughed, planted and tended their crops themselves, without draft animals; that they drank only water and ate only bread with… Continue reading Welsh Clay-Pot Bread


Pastai Oen Cymreig (Welsh Lamb Pie) – Recipe

An old Welsh recipe, traditionally made with the first of the Spring lambs. Here's a traditional recipe. And here's how I did it... Ingredients: 2 lamb shoulder steaks 1 cup sliced baby carrots 1 onion peeled & chopped 1 tsp chopped fresh parsley 2 sprigs parsley 2 shallow pie crusts Salt and black pepper Beaten… Continue reading Pastai Oen Cymreig (Welsh Lamb Pie) – Recipe

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Dyma Gariad Fel y Moroedd (Here is Love Vast as the Ocean)

Wales has a strong tradition of music, both secular and sacred. Of the Welsh hymns, one is particularly popular, and a favorite of mine. Though it was written in the 1870s, Here is Love Vast as the Ocean became popular during a period of intense revival among the evangelical churches of Wales in 1904. Annie… Continue reading Dyma Gariad Fel y Moroedd (Here is Love Vast as the Ocean)

welsh soup

Cawl Cymreig (Welsh Soup) – Recipe

Cawl pronounced 'cowl', is Welsh for broth or soup. Like all traditional country soups the ingredients are governed by what is to hand or in season. It appears from early Welsh manuscripts that originally the main meat used was bacon, or even kid, for as with Irish Stew, no cottager would dream of using valuable… Continue reading Cawl Cymreig (Welsh Soup) – Recipe

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St. David’s Day – Part 1

The first of March tends to just sneak up on me suddenly. But this year, I'm actually looking ahead. So I'm preparing to celebrate St. David's Day for reals this time. Since first learning the origins of the Davis family years ago, I've learned more and more of the history, and it's just inspired me… Continue reading St. David’s Day – Part 1

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Heb Dhuw, Heb Ddym. Dhuw a Digon!

For several years I’ve been off and on doing some genealogical research on my family. Others in my family have been doing the same thing, and we’ve managed to come up with some interesting information. One that really intrigued me is that of the Davis line itself. I had little confidence in being able to… Continue reading Heb Dhuw, Heb Ddym. Dhuw a Digon!